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Grace & Charm

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Bray-Moor's Charlie Chan, CDX

Good Fortune Shar-Pei began in 1984 with the acquisition of a great dog named Charlie.  Charlie was typical of many Shar-Pei in being extremely devoted and intelligent. Through him I was introduced to the unique appearance and personality that makes this breed addictive!

Since that time, I have been active in the "World of Chinese Shar-Pei" in many venues.  For nearly fifteen years I have bred a limited number of litters, producing and finishing dozens of AKC and CSPCA champions.  (AKC Champions produced for the last few years are included in this website.)  I have competed with Shar-Pei in the breed ring, as well as titling dogs in obedience competitions.  At times I have assisted in the rescue and placement of abandoned Chinese Shar-Pei, and have remained active as a member of the Heart of America Chinese Shar-Pei Club. I have also been pleased to judge Chinese Shar-Pei at various fun matches and Specialty shows.

My fondest experiences have involved training and showing dogs to their potential.  I enjoy placing dogs in homes with owners who are enthusiastic about the breed and sport.  In addition, I have made many friends who have welcomed my pet puppies into their homes as members of their family.

My advice to persons contemplating the adoption of a Chinese Shar-Pei is to determine the amount of time they want to spend with their dog.  I recommend Shar-pei to people desiring a great deal of interaction with their pet.  They are "people" dogs, and prefer to be in the company of their owners.  Time spent socializing and training a Chinese Shar-Pei puppy (or adult) will be well rewarded.  In fact, a proud owner of a healthy and well-behaved Chinese Shar-Pei may find it difficult to have just one.

Updated June, 2001

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