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Ch.Mar-Bo's Pleasant Surprise GF
"Red" is now co-owned with Marge Calltharp.

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Red has produced the following champions;

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Ch. Good Fortune Go To Guy
(owned by Lorna Zetler)

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Ch.Good Fortune Good Sport "Stan"
owned by Kay Rosenberger and
Georgette Schaeffer

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Another "Red" X "Frank" Champion son:
Ch. Mar-Bo's GF Duzn't Surprise Me "Indy"
owned by Marge Calltharp

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Ch. Grayland's Speak to My Heart

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Blondie has produced the following champions;

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Ch.Good Fortune Touched by an Angel

"Gracie" is co-owned with Susan Belger-Angulo. She completed her title with two BOB wins and a Bred By Exhibitor Group One.

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Ch.Grayland's Amazing Grace YK
(owned by Shelly Defrain)

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Ch. Good Fortune Tosan Candy Heart
(owned by Good Fortune)

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